Author's music for piano, songs, etc..


Margarita Tarapatova

I was born and raised in Leningrad. Maiden name - Delukova. She graduated from music school number 1, followed by the School of Music named after Mussorgsky of Leningrad (now College of Music named after Mussorgsky) in piano, teacher - Osipova T.L.

In 1981, the distribution arrived in the Republic of Moldova, Rybnitsa. She worked in the children's art school as a piano teacher and accompanist. Actively engaged in concert and performing activities as music director, keyboardist and soloist vocal and instrumental ensemble. Also collaborating for 10 years worked in secondary school music teacher and head of the vocal circle.

Education - higher. She graduated from the Transnistrian State University named after Taras Shevchenko, Tiraspol, Faculty of Arts, Diploma "with distinction" specialization "Musical instrument and accompanist skills."

Composition fond of for a long time. More at music school, he studied composition under the direction of Shelomov B.I. Write plays for different instruments and ensembles for different compositions, mostly for children, as well as songs and ballads on their own texts and poems of different poets. Publishing house "Composer - St. Petersburg" released a collection of piano pieces copyright for children titled "Images of Childhood".

In addition to the substantive work as an artist (keyboards harps) participated in the Russian folk orchestra Rybnitsa (Honored People team), as well as a dance band "Dixieland" (piano).

Now I live in Tosno Leningrad region, and work in the Children's Art School as a piano teacher and choir leader.